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As we've mentioned, any patent faces an uphill battle to make it to a finished product, but this would be a nifty addition to help your wrist remain in the loop.
Samsung Gear Edge So we've seen Samsung phones with curved screens, but will the S4 be next in line to get the edge treatment?
Series 1 - save 100, wareable may get a commission.Essentially, the device could be charged by a smartphone case simply by resting on top.If you love mobile as much as we tagliere pane raccogli briciole do, be sure to subscribe!Samsung smartwatch will continue the Gear line and be named the.We expect it to feature on this year's device.Apple Watch v Gear Sport Which deserves a place on your wrist?Since it first teased the idea of the dedicated health and wellbeing device back in January 2016 at CES, we've been waiting to see what would become of the S Patch.A patent filed suggests that could well be the case, showing off a thin strip of a display formed on the edge of the dial.Charging through the phone As we all know, most traditional smartwatches haven't yet cracked short battery life issues, leaving you prone to a blank screen if you forget to charge for a day or two.You should always take patents with a pinch of salt, largely because many ideas end up getting dumped, but Samsung has showcased this kind of design before and is clearly a fan of the idea.That pizza al taglio mantova also includes the company's first dive into serious sleep tracking, which would help it level the playing field with the likes of Fitbit.
But with companies consistently looking to pack more and more sensors under the hood, losing mass isn't exactly an easy thing to achieve.