Samsung flexible oled prezzo

Samsung hasn't quite figured out yet what to do with this extra screen real estate, but for now the phone displays landscape-oriented notifications along the edge.
But they did reveal that the screen is about five inches across, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution "about" 720p.But 2017 is apparently that year for Samsung, with both flexible and foldable devices reportedly in its product lineup.The Galaxy Round never saw a successor but the curved screen idea and edge-based software features eventually morphed into what became the Galaxy Note Edge.Flexible oled shipments are expected to reach almost 150 million units this year, with the market estimated to be worth almost 10 billion in 2017 alone.While this may seem like a comfortably unassailable lead, Samsung is already concerned about recent taglia pantaloni uomo modello Chinese investments in flexible oled production.It just calls its displays flexible.The phone certainly feels like a prototype: it's poorly made of plastic, and it felt completely hollow within.The phone, which is a nameless prototype, has a screen that falls off towards the rear edge of the device on the right side.In fact Samsung never released a youm display.The company showed several prototypes with curved, bendable and even foldable displays.Naturally, Samsung also has plans to diversify lineups for large UHD TVs.We were also informed that the prototype isn't truly a phone it lacks a radio, operating system, camera, and most any other feature you'd find in a phone.In January 2013 Samsung officially launched their flexible oled displays, calling them youm displays.Suffice it to say, Samsung, like many other companies making oled displays, is banking on flexible panels being the future.With oled production becoming cheaper than LCD last year and flexible and folding smartphones finally on our doorsteps, were entering the dawn of a new age of smartphone design, one that will once again be dominated by Samsung.The difference between most display manufacturers and Samsung though is that Samsung Display already dominates 97 percent of the small to medium-sized flexible display market.Once flexible and foldable screens become normalized socially and the tech itself is fine-tuned enough for inclusion in something more mainstream than a super-niche product, you can bet they will catch on very quickly.As you would expect, representatives were very reluctant to give us any specifications on the prototype.Let us know your thoughts on flexible and foldable display tech in the comments.Theyll be expensive, made in limited quantities and designed more to gauge consumer interest and field test the tech itself rather than to make a buck.
The idea is that you'll be able to read text messages, stock tickers, and other notifications from the side of the device even if you have a case covering the screen.