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This is one of the points addressed by the Indian proposal.
It was sometimes impossible to align three graphs by Y axes on layout.We can certainly improve that.But we're calling it that simply because that's the forum in which it was presented to the working group. .So perhaps that could be more clarified and the IGF Secretariat could play a greater role there. .I'd rather have a few really good ones.So I think when we look at how to improve the IGF, let's also look at what the facts actually are. .You want everything to go through. .The Tunis agenda talks about a lightweight body. .And not talking about in the Public Policy space. .And 7, working groups to produce a document on the concerned key policy question, presenting areas of convergence and divergence, to present a concrete set of policy options.I agree with Portugal's point in that we need to be aware that the MAG is not a human body. .And the second thing is participation. .It could be just reference, just food for thought. .bertrand de La chapelle: One clarification, on the side. .Enabled the "Revert legend to row title" checkbox in the Format Graph dialog for "Change all Categories" selected, david toop of leonardo da vinci if not all data sets on graph had legends.The other part - izumi aizu: Would you wrap up?And let's not waste discussion on a binding or not binding IGF.It's happening at oecd. .I don't think that leads to an expansion or transparency in the operations of the IGF. .So, there are governments who might be a little reluctant to adopt this Indian proposal, but I've brought a" from Markus. .luis magalhaes: Luis Magalhaes from the Portuguese government. .
Symbols on legends did not have lines coming out of the sides on grouped graphs with connecting lines.