Da vinci code light puzzle walkthrough

Select and carry the extreme left shield with a red heart of Percival's to the Knight left of the set of shield.
The father of the English poems of yore, Whose Canterbury tales held moral core, Clockwise around a shield stops the name, Of he who can absolve your sin and shame.
It also contains a text area where the beautiful but illegible writing is translated to a clear script.Click the 3rd from top right blue diamond to turn the 3rd row white arrows to point down.Take the boat back to the landing by the bridge.Place the coining die on the circular indentation on top of the anvil.VueScan keeps my Canon scanner operating with each new Mac OS version that comes around.In spite of this, the game is not dark and does not, with one exception, call for anything resembling pixel hunting. .Actions done give points.1 / 2 The best free antivirus software for PC of 2016.Should Truth rule the day with its possibility of ejection and failure?Take split logs from lower level of pantry or split logs using the axe just after the bridge.Open it and enter the secret library. .At an alcove between stations #3 and #4, see a book stand.Open the door at the other end. .